Operation Rules and Regulations


  1. 所有非 Metro 客戶必須填寫訪客登記表。所有訪客必須由職員帶領。
  2. 上課請穿著合適的運動服裝,以免受傷。
  3. 請遵守場內各區的使用守則及注意事項。
  4. 場內禁止粗言穢語,及發佈任何色情資訊。
  5. 未經同意及授權,請勿在場內進行拍攝及錄影。
  6. 未經許可,場內嚴禁作私人授課之用。
  7. 離開前請攜帶所有私人物品,日間儲物櫃僅供臨時使用,不許存放物件過夜。
  8. 所有已成功預約課堂之客戶必須提早到接待處登記,所有課堂均會按時開始,在課堂開始 5 分鐘後,客戶將不允許進入課室。Metro 職員有權拒絕遲到者參與該課堂及有權將課堂名額給予後補客戶而不作另行通知。請注意,如客戶因為遲到而不能進入課室,有關堂數仍將被扣除
  9. 不可擅自移動場內設備;客戶如損壞或損毀(正常損耗除外)場內任何設備、器具、裝置或其他財物, Metro 保留一切追究賠償及採取其他法律補救辦法的權利。
  10. 請勿攜帶寵物或大型物件入內。
  11. 場內嚴禁赤裸。


  1. 取消政策:客戶如未能出席已預約課堂,請於三小時前取消已預約之課堂,否則,客戶的堂數仍會被扣除
  2. 客戶若連續 30 天內 3 次缺席及/或臨時取消巳預約之課堂,客戶提前預約課堂的權利(包括手機應用程序和電話預訂服務)將被暫停 7 天。客戶只能親身於課堂開始前到達等候候補名額。
  3. 凍結 Studio 卡使用權之有關費用為港幣$300,最長凍結期為 1 個月。客戶須遞交有效的醫生證明書,Metro會因應情況而酌情處理。凍結期必須親臨中心申請並於繳交有關費用後方能生效。凍結期結束後,客戶參與之計劃將自動生效。如需提前結束凍結期,必須親臨中心辦理,已繳付之費用將不獲退還或轉讓。
  4. 如要補領 Studio 卡,需繳付補領費用港幣$100。
  5. 如遺失或損毀儲物櫃鎖匙,需賠償費用港幣$150。
  6. 嚴禁於場內使用玻璃器皿,以免造成危險。
  7. 客戶如需進食攜來食品,請使用店內之休閒區。
  8. Metro 可因應瑜珈及跳舞中心營運情況作出適時修訂、修改或取消任何守則及規定。

Center Rules

  1. All guests must complete the registration process and escorted by the staff whilst on the premises.
  2. Please wear appropriate sportswear when enjoying the class.
  3. Please follow the rules and reminders on each area usage.
  4. Foul language and pornographic information are prohibited.
  5. Please do not shoot and video at the center without consent and authorization.
  6. Non-Metro personal training is prohibited unless prior consent is obtained.
  7. Please take all your personal belongings when you leave. Lockers are for temporary use only, overnight storage is not permitted.
  8. All customers who have successfully booked a class must register at the front desk before attending lesson. All classes start on time. Customer will not be allowed entry after the class starts for 5 minutes. Metro reserves the right to refuse late client to participate in the class and the right to give out the spot to standby client. Please note that the class credit will still be deducted even though the client is not allowed to join the class due to late arrival.
  9. Please do not move any equipment at the center without authorization. If customer damages or destroys (except normal wear and tear) any equipment, appliances, devices or other property, Metro reserves the right to pursue all compensation and take other legal remedies.
  10. Please do not bring pet(s) or large goods into center.
  11. Nakedness is strictly prohibited.

General Notices

  1. Cancellation Policy: Please give us 3 hours’ advance notice if cannot attend the pre-booked class. Otherwise, class credit will still be deducted.
  2. 3 times of late cancellations and/or no-shows over a consecutive 30-day period result in customer’s advance booking privileges (including mobile phone application and telephone booking services) being revoked for 7 days.
    Client’s class attendance restricted to in-person standby.
  3. Studio Card freezing fee is $300 and the longest freezing period is 1 month. Valid medical certificate issued by registered doctor is required for freezing; Metro may exercise discretion for special cases. The freezing period will only begin after the application payment is made. The joined plan will resume once the freezing period is ended.
    Customer must apply in person at the center if he/she needs to alter the freezing period, all paid fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  4. A replacement studio card is HKD 100/each.
  5. Lost or damaged our locker key will be charged $150.
  6. For safety purpose, please refrain from bringing glass objects to the center.
  7. Food and drinks should be consumed only in the resting area.
  8. Metro shall be entitled to make, amend or cancel any rules or regulations at any time and any time to time where it thinks fit for operation at yoga and dance center.